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We organise one of the most important conferences of the world under the roof of Education Technologies Summit

LEGO® Education S.T.E.M. Conference

LEGO® Education S.T.E.M. Conference

17 November (11.00-17.00) - 18 November (09.00-16.00)

LEGO® Education and Tufts University Center for Engineering Education and Outreach (CEEO) are partnering to present a full professional learning day featuring Dr. Adam Carberry, highly respected and internationally recognised expert in engineering education.


The day consists of presentations and hands-on workshops on the integration of robotics in to the classroom. There will be an introductory workshop for those new to robotics and masterclasses for teachers who are looking to take their robots to the next level.


  • Presentations and stories from teachers who have successfully developed robotics programs in their schools.
  • Introductory workshop for beginners in robotics.
  • Masterclasses for teachers already using robotics


  • Dr.Adam Carberry

    Dr. Adam Carberry

    Dr. Adam Carberry is an Associate Professor at Arizona State University in the Fulton Schools of Engineering, The Polytechnic School. He earned a B.S. in Materials Science Engineering from Alfred University, and received his M.S. and Ph.D., both from Tufts University, in Chemistry and Engineering Education respectively. His current research focuses on two ares: 1) developing new classroom innovations and assessment techniques, and 2) identifying new ways to empirically understand how engineering students and educators learn. Dr. Carberry has facilitated LEGO® Engineering workshops since 2006 all over the world, including the United States, Saudi Arabia and China. He continues to offer LEGO-based summer opportunities for children and was previously a member of the LEGO® Education Advisory Panel.

  • Sam_Woolf

    Sam Woolf

    Sam Woolf is a Masters Student in Mechanical Engineering at the Center for Engineering Education and Outreach (CEEO), at Tufts University, outside of Boston, USA. After spending several years working for start ups, focusing on Energy, Transportation, Robotics, and Wearables, Sam now develops educational technologies used by K-12 students in the classroom. Sam creates hardware and software tools that help students document their work, promoting student reflection and collaboration. He is fascinated by technologies that inspire young students to build, create, and design in the physical world.

You are kindly invited to attend S.T.E.M. Conferance and hands-on learning day for professionals with the cooperation of LEGO® Education and Tufts university.

17 November (11.00-17.00) - 18 November (09.00-16.00)
Ankara / Grand Ankara Hotel

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